PathAguard Soluble Bedpan Liner

(CMCBPL10001A) PathAguard Soluble Bedpan Liner

The PathAguard soluble bedpan liner is a highly effective body waste containment system. This is an innovative solution to the problem of human waste disposal from bed bound patients. The unique liner is made of a polyvinyl alcohol waters soluble material and will completely dissolve in a washer disinfector

Dimensions : 540mm X 490mm

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How it works

The PathAguard Soluble Bedpan Liner product contains body waste in
a special liner that fits securely into the bedpan. A special adhesive tape
incorporated into the liner ensures it remains secure during use. After use
it is immediately secured with a tie, and this reduces the usual malodours
which can be very embarrassing for patients in an open ward.
The PathAguard Soluble Bedpan Liner ensures the contents of the bedpan
are unable to contaminate healthcare personal or the environment. Body
waste does not come in direct contact with the bedpan and during clinical
evaluation staff remarked on how clean bedpans were as well as increased
patient confidence.


The Benefits

Reduces the risk of aerosolization

Prevents Malodours

Reduces workload and patient stress

High satisfaction rating

Instructions for use

Step 1: Remove Soluble Bedpan Liner From Packaging
Step 2: Remove Outer Tape From Bottom Of The Soluble Bedpan Liner
Step 3: Adhere To The Inner Base Of The Bedpan
Step 4: Fold Out Over The Sides Of The Bedpan.
Step 5: After Use, Tie The liner at top with draw tape provided to secure contents.
Step 6: Place Bedpan inside Disinfectant Washer with Soluble Bedpan Liner still attached. DO NOT REMOVE SOLUBLE BEDPAN LINER FROM THE BEDPAN

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"the bedpan remains clean so it can be disinfected properly and there is no longer any issue with HCWs having to clean stained bedpans. Patients receives a reusable item which has a cover therefore increases confidence of the patient that they won't have a contaminated bed pan."

Elaine Doherty

RGN, BSc (Nursing Management), M.A (Healthcare Infection Management) Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Prevention Control

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