PathAguard MULCOS

(CMCC10001A) PathAguard Multipurpose Compostable Liner System

The PathAguard Multipurpose Compostable Liner System (MulCos) is an highly effective body waste containment system.

Securing and sealing the liner at the bedside ensures aerosolization of contents is reduced during transportation to disposal unit. Malodours are also limited.

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A Global Challenge

How it works

The PathAguard MulCos aids complete cleaning and disinfection of bedpans /commodes in clinical settings. It ensures body waste never comes in direct contact with bedpan/commode. Provides a clean and hygienic alternative to current practice. Cost effective solution. Compostable material. Multi-functional liner for bedpans/commode, containment of incontenence products


The Benefits

Reduces the risk of aerosolization

Prevents Malodours

Reduces workload and patient stress

High satisfaction rating

Instructions for use

Step 1: Place Rolls Of Liners Inside Dispenser With Liners Feeding From The Top
Step 2: Pull Liner Until It Reaches Perforation And Tear Gently
Step 3: Place Liner Inside Bedpan/Commode
Step 4: Fold Outwardly Over Bedpan/Commode
Step 5: After use, enclose the contents by tying it closed
Step 6: Place Compostable Liner Inside The Incomaster Body Waste Disposal System

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