PathAguard Safesheet

(CMCSS10001A) PathAguard Safesheet

The PathAguard Safesheet is a protective sheet for use in clinical and community settings. A highly effective way to mitigate the risk of cross contamination on surfaces and equipment.

Dimensions : 450mm X 490mm

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A Global Challenge

How it works

The PathAguard Safesheet is impregnated with Biomaster Silver Ion Technology to inhibit the growth of pathogens on the product. The single use Safesheet creates a clean and hygienic work surface.
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The Benefits

Inhibits Proliferation Of Pathogens On The Product

Biomaster Silver Ion Technology

Cost Effective Solution

High satisfaction rating

Instructions for use

Step 1: Place rolls of liners inside dispenser with liners feeding from top
Step 2: Pull liner until it reaches perforation and tear gently.
Step 3: Place sheet flat on the surface
Step 4: Dispose of Safesheet into recycling after use.

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