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What The Experts Have to Say About PathAguard ABLiS

“I am excited to see what the PathAguard ABLiS will bring back to patient care”

…..Debra Johnson MPH,BSN,OCN,CIC,Infection Control and Prevention Specialist (U.S.)


“The design of the system by using a liner reduces patient exposure to cross infection from reused basins and contribute to overall infection control strategy in any healthcare setting”. 

…Professor Ronnie Russell BA Mod,Ph.D (Associate Professor of Microbiology) 


“In my estimation, the PathAguard ABLiS represents the cleanest, safest and most effective approach to protecting against healthcare acquired infection during hygiene activity.” 

…Dr Roy Sleator BSc,MA, PhD, CBiol, FRSB,Senior Lecturer 


What the experts have to say about PathAguard® LUCA®

We use the PathAguard® LUCA® for our residents who have chronic leg ulcers. The LUCA® is extremely easy to use and easy to dispose of after use. I would recommend the use of these products. Great quality, durability and easy to use

… Linda Nash, Assistant Director of Nursing, Tinnypark Nursing Home, Ireland.


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